Me in Third Person

Born, raised, and currently living in Oregon, Wesley McCraw writes speculative fiction. Right now he is focused on Weird Fiction. Next, maybe it will be romantic, comedic fantasy.

Wes graduated from the University of Oregon, where he completed the much-acclaimed Kidd Tutorial, a one-year intensive writing clinic. During his time at the university, he was also a member of Write Club, where he trained under screenwriter Omar Naim (The Final Cut, Dead Awake).


Wes’s first novel, The Forgiving, was based on a screenplay of the same name. He is currently adapting another one of his screenplays, Brief Pose, the 2011 winner of the StoryPros screenplay competition in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror category.

Wes is also working on the third installment of his weird fiction series, House of Cabal,  a queer romance novel yet to be titled, and a book of Lovecraftian short stories entitled The Queen in Yellow.

This blog is dedicated to self-publishing and the many projects Wes hopes to release in the coming years.


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