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Twitter and WordPress

This week I started this blog and focused on my twitter feed. The idea is that over the course of the year I’ll strengthen my “platform.”

With the rise of the internet and our virtual lives, an established platform is a must for any writer, even those going through the channels of traditional publishing. Readers want to connect, and connected reads buy books and spread the word. A  writer is nothing without excited fans and followers.

Now, how can I find the balance between social media and actually writing books? One is to keep these posts short and sweet and to go back to finishing my books.


Self Write is born!


This is a blog dedicated to my quest to self-publish. If you are wondering, “Why self-publish?” Don’t worry, I’ll address that in future posts.

First things first.

Why write this potentially time consuming blog when I could be writing more books and screenplays?

Simply put, I have a long, hard road ahead of me–if you want to sell more than four books a month, self-publishing is not easy–and it would be nice to have some company on this journey. There are a lot of writers out there (seriously a lot) and there is no need for us to do this alone. I’m going to need help, and I also want to help others if I can.

I have two books I will be finishing this year, House of Cabal Book One (speculative fiction thriller) and The Forgiving (horror). Who knows which will be first out of the gate, but before I self-publish them on Smashwords and Amazon, I have a lot of ground work that needs to be laid out first. This yet unknown blog is just a step, and there are many, many steps.

First step, “finish” my books. Second step, find beta readers. Third step, repeat steps one and two. I’ve been doing these steps for House of Cabal for a while now. I have beta readers, but I’ll need more.

Fourth step, find a good copy-editor. This means I’m going to need to pay someone to edit my book, costing me somewhere between five hundred to a thousand dollars. For me, that’s a lot of cash for one book, and I’ll need it done for two. If I do this right, I’m hoping I’ll at least make that money back. Ambitious, I know.

Fifth step, make (or pay for) a kickass book cover. It must look as good as anything on the market.

Sixth step, make sure I have a “platform” and a wealth of book reviews to coincide with my “release date.” This is less of a step and more something I’ll be working on from now until the publication.

Seventh step, start the actual self-publishing of my first book.

Eighth step, keep promoting until the release of my second book.

Ninth step, use my new fan base to support a Kickstarter for  House of Cabal Book Two.

Okay, this is a start. One step at a time. I hope you will be there with me. Now let’s keep writing!