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Writing Blog Post

Here is my (now at the very least monthly) blog post.

There isn’t too much to report on the writing front. I was having trouble editing my second House of Cabal episode, but I discovered a strategy that seems to be working, so that is what I’ll be doing this month in earnest.

My plan is to always be one book ahead in the series. I’ll publish episode one when I finish episode two, hopefully this summer. That way I can make sure there are no contradictions between the episodes, and I can foreshadow everything properly. I should be able to finish episode two this month, or at least a solid draft, and then have episode one copyedited and released by September.

That’s most of it on the writing front. Now for marketing.

I also need to look into MailChimp and start a mailing list. I was thinking about having “The Ovum Horror,” a Lovecraft inspired short story, as a reward for signing up. I can add a link to it in my free horror novel, The Forgiving. It will be a start at least. Then I can switch later to having the first episode of House of Cabal free and the second as the mailing list incentive and marketing my other novels like The Forgiving, Brief Pose, House of Cabal Ep 3, and maybe one day The Queen in Yellow through my mailing list as each is released. That should cover the next two years.

My goal is to have a very basic income flow by next summer that I can support myself on and that can cover publishing costs. That’s doable, right?

I’m still reading up and planning. I hate marketing, and I hate the cost of a copyeditor, but I have to try to get more of my writing out to readers.