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Free Review Copy

How much can I procrastinate from requesting reviews from bloggers? Quite a bit. In fact I’m writing this blog post so I can put it off even more. I’m not sure what part of my brain dreads it so much. (The part that fears rejection, maybe.) I’m sure it won’t be so bad if I just do it and stop putting it off.

But here’s the thing, maybe this post is actually me asking for reviews! If you have a blog, even a small one, or you’re just a reader that likes to spread the word about good books, and would like a free review copy of my novel, use this coupon code on Smashwords to get it for free:


Free is good, right? (Okay, there are a lot of free books on the internet, but this is that rare good one. I promise. It has been professionally proofread, so less of those pesky errors!)

Here is a Link to the book. I think you need to make an account to use the coupon. Maybe not. I’m new at this.

The coupon will run out the 25th of August, so don’t put it off too long, like I’m doing with my emails to review bloggers. I would love to have reviews up around the 1st of September. It’s a fairly short novel so this should be doable, but if not, putting up a review after September 1st is fine, even months after.

Thanks for the help, but mainly, enjoy the book. It’s scary, but I think even those not all that into horror will find a lot to like. Your reviews will tell me if I’m right.


The “Official” Release

Hello everyone. The official release of my horror novel is a little more than a month away. But I couldn’t really wait and so I’ve been telling people to buy-buy-buy it anyway.  It’s on Amazon and Smashwords.

I’ve sold seven copies so far. Which of course isn’t many, but these are the first books I’ve ever sold, so I’m still excited. It took me a day to realize that it is less exciting that I’m selling books and more exciting that people are reading my work. I’ve been writing for more than fifteen years and my first book is finally available to the public. I’m taking a moment to be happy about this.

I’ve put up author pages on Goodreads and Amazon. I’ve made a blog, just for The Forgiving. I’ve tweeted about it and posted on Facebook. Here is the link to the book on Goodreads. *Click*

As I’ve mentioned, over the next few weeks I’m going to be contacting as many ebook review blogs as I can to get the word out. The nice thing about an ebook is that it’s not going away any time soon. I can market it until the end of time. I can tweak the blurb and the cover and continue to spread the word. Once my second book is released it can help the sales of my first. As they say, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

I’m still working out the kinks. Smashwords seems to be having some formatting issues. Nothing too bad, but I think it makes the book look less professional than it could. The Amazon version looks pretty good, and that is the one that is selling, so I’m not too worried about it.

I’ll be posting regularly over the next two months to keep all of you up to date on how the release of my novel is going. If you have any question or advice just leave a comments.

Thank you for your support, whether you buy a copy (it’s only $2.99!) or you just read my blog.

How to Market a Horror Novel

Now I need to figure out how to market my horror novel, The Forgiving. This is going to be tricky.

Step one: write a kick ass book. I’ve done that (including hiring a proofreader).

Step two: the pre-publishing work of writing this blog and interacting on twitter to create a platform. I’ve done that too, though not very successfully. My blog traffic is relatively pathetic and few people respond to my twitter posts.

Step three: release The Forgiving on Smashwords and Amazon. I’ve done Smashwords (you can buy the book here), with only Amazon to go. This step included making a professional looking cover and writing a brief pitch:

Three lovers, as a way to save cash, seek out a real estate agency that specializes in poltergeist activity. What they find in their prospective house will test their faith in God and their faith in each other.

Now the path is getting a little fuzzy. I know I need to get blogs to review my book and that I should have a release event, and that the reviews should be timed so that they line up with this magical release date, but how do I do that?

Getting blogs to review my book is exactly like querying agents and publishers: it sucks. I’m not a salesperson. But I am, because I’m self-publishing and that means every job is my job. All I can do is politely ask, and if anyone wants to review my book they can. There are a lot of blogs. It’s a numbers game, and I’m going to win if I contact enough of them.

How much time should I give reviewers to review my book? I guess I’m just going to pick a random date and go with it. How about Sunday, September 1st? That sounds like a good release date to me. I just need to get as my reviews as possible to go up around that time. Simple enough.

One step at a time.


Smashwords Pre-release

Late in the night last night I went on a Smashwords binge and posted my novel. You can now buy The Forgiving online. This is my pre-release. My official release will happen after I get some bloggers to review my book, but if you would like to read it before anyone else, you now have that ability.

This has all been a long time coming, but it is nice having my book available to the public finally. Posting on Smashwords is relatively easy. You use their free formatting guide to create a word.doc of your book and use a design program to create a cover that is at least 14,000 pixels wide and you can post your book for free.

I hope posting on Amazon is as easy. I’ll be doing that closer to the release.

In the meantime, here is a link to buy The Forgiving. It’s only $2.99. Have at it. And thanks for reading.

New Cover

The-Forgiving-coverI’ve created a new cover for The Forgiving. Now with an easier to read tittle! The last one seemed a little too alternative and you couldn’t read it when it was a thumbnail. Any feedback would be welcome.


I just started a new Blog for my horror novel, The Forgiving. It is a very simple website that will be releasing the novel in small sections every Tuesday and Wednesday until the whole thing is up online. It’s a small attempt at getting the word out about my novel’s upcoming release in a few months. It’s free to make a blog, so I thought, why not put one up and see if it helps?

Here is a link to the About page.

The Proof is in the Proof

After a week of computer breakdown stress, I’m back on track to finish up The Forgiving. Brenda sent me my proofed book back in an email as a corrected word document with all the changes tracked. She pointed out that I needed to fix one real issue concerning the treatment of a shoulder injury, which I did today without much problem. A little more tender loving care and the final draft will be finished!

Here is some of what she had to say in her email:

I’ve attached the proofread to this email… To be completely honest, this has been one of the best (and more effective) books that I have read this year, and the story mechanics and language are by and large efficient and effective at conveying the story that I think that you’re trying to tell. I was very impressed by your work here.

I also have to say that you did a good job being creepy. 🙂 There were a couple of times where I was like: okay, I need to go look at something concrete and normal so I can focus on the language again, which I always think is a mark of a good book. This is a polished, effective manuscript, and I think it will be successful among fans of the genre…

Thanks again for the opportunity to share some feedback with you; I enjoyed this project very much, and I hope the rest of your editorial process goes smoothly!


It was nice hearing such a positive response from an editor. I’ve worked hard getting The Forgiving into shape. Editing can have low points, but this is not one of them.