Archive | July 2015

Mailing List: Part One

Okay, I’m working on getting a mailing list up and running. Not that I know what I’m doing yet.

From what I can tell, mailing lists are a more effective marketing tool than Twitter, Facebook, or blogs.

People will get a free Lovecraftian short story for signing up. I will be adding a link to the sign up page at the end of my horror novel, The Forgiving, and adding a link here on the blog.

Mail Chimp seems like the simplest way to create a mailing list (also free until I have more than 2000 subscribers), but I have a few things to work out first. The shorty story I’m giving away, “The Ovum Horror,” needs to be in its final form. I need to create the sign up page on Mail Chimp and a way for people to download the story (Dropbox). I need to update The Forgiving on both Smashwords and Amazon, which I have forgotten how to do. It also wouldn’t hurt to finalize the cover.

It will be a bit of work, but very doable. My goal is to get it all up and running by the end of the week.

I’ll report back on any roadblocks I run into. Now get back to reading and writing and being awesome.