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The Mandatory Proofread

If you’ve read much advice on self-publishing, you know that hiring an editor to proof your work is mandatory. Even small errors can take a star off your all-important ratings. That 1% difference in your novel can be all the difference when it comes to people actually reading your book.

Now that I’ve finished writing The Forgiving, I’ve tracked down an editor. It seemed intimidating, the internet is a big place to find help, but the process was simple enough. First I found a website that listed freelance editors. I then compared pricing until I found a service that I could afford. It helped that the website looked competent. My research was in no way exhaustive, but so far I like who I found.

Her name is Brenda, The Eclectic Editor. Her prices seem reasonable for a basic proofread. She gave me a free sample edit of the first 2,000 words. I strongly recommend doing this before you decide on an editor. After all, it’s free and it helps you to know if your styles mesh. I remember a story about Clive Barker firing an editor who took out all his semicolons. Find the editor who is right for you.

Brenda’s services will only set me back $150. It won’t be a deep edit, but hopefully the novel’s development is to a point where it doesn’t need a full rewrite.

Will my first book make that money back? I have no idea. My goal with my first book is not profit, but getting my name out there. On the other hand, $150 seems like a very small investment, and if I can’t make that back, I admit it would be disappointing.

She should be done editing my book in a week or so. I’ll give you an update on how the process goes.