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Vampire Fiction Logline

Here is a quick update on “Vampire Fiction,” my sci-fi vampire short story.

To make a short story shorter, it’s going a little slower than I would like. Yep. I’ve been wasting time on the internet. I’m making progress though, in fits and starts. Today I wrote a logline. These are never easy, but i decided to not put it off this time.

Vampire Fiction

by Wesley McCraw

Logline: Rebelling against a law prohibiting human/vampire relations, a subversive CyberVamp seeks out an affluent human couple for companionship, only to find his night of sex and bloodletting complicated by candid love and conservative politics.

Hopefully this comes across as not your average vampire erotica, while still promising vampires and sex. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

My goal is to get a new draft of “Vampire Fiction” done by the end of next week so I can get back to my novels. I’m starting to miss them.


My Next Release

It looks like my next release will be an erotic short entitled “Vampire Fiction.”

It’s part sci/fi world building, part queer erotica, part reaction to too much fiction being about nothing. It feels like a step in my evolution as a writer and that’s rejuvenating. Description is now my friend! I’m hoping to reach the editing/fine tuning stage by Friday, but we’ll see. I’ll need beta readers, so anyone out there that likes queer(m/m and m/f) erotica or science fiction should hit me up.

I would love to have it up on Amazon and Smashwords by early October before Halloween.


Today I even had a chance to make a cover. And I actually like it!

I still don’t really know how to use Photoshop, but I’m learning through trial and error.I should watch some Youtube videos or something.

Tell me what you think.

Vampire Fiction

I’m working on an erotic, sci-fi, vampire short story.

To be clear, I’m bored with vampire fiction, about as much as I’m bored with zombie fiction. But it’s not the vampire’s fault.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Dante and Virgil in Hell, 1850

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Dante and Virgil in Hell, 1850

As you all know, the Twilight craze has flooded the market with bad vampire stories. I feel it’s tragic that Twilight is a source of inspiration for any writer (I’m looking at you Fifty Shades of Gray), but I can respect that Twilight and its offspring tap into a particular fantasy fulfillment that has mass appeal. Escapism has its place. But could our aspirations be a little grander please than Twilight fan fiction. Even if it sells a million copies.

My vampire story will be my small attempt at reclaiming vampire fiction back from the long shadow of Twilight. That attempt will not be to make vampires scary again, or bringing them back to their roots. Many writes have done this, and if you like, you can just read Dracula.

William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_Dante_And_Virgil_In_Hell_(1850)My goal is to make vampires subversive again.

Despite the fact I’m not a huge fan of vampires, one of my favorite shows is Buffy. Angel is also up there. Vampire Diaries is one of the better shows on TV right now. Even True Blood has its great moments. The vampire can still take flight in our imaginations, even with all its baggage.

Clive Barker twisted a lot of old ideas into new ideas in his short story collections. The results changed horror fiction forever. I doubt my attempt will be as successful, but at the very least it’s my turn to try.

New Blurb

Okay, now here is the overdue rewrite of the blurb:

Portland, Oregon, has many famously haunted locations, and steadfast-skeptics Howard, Isabel, and Grip want to capitalize on people’s superstitions.

A mansion with a horrific history can sell at prices almost too good to be true.

Life isn’t a horror novel, and a house’s dark past is not its present. A house that was once a brothel, then an insane asylum, and then a cult church is still just a house.

The three lovers don’t realize a flaw in their logic: the present can be even worse than the past, and reality can be more horrific than any ghost story.

I like this a bit better. Any feedback would be a big help.