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Zdzisław Beksiński

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Residing somewhere between fascination, nightmares, and thing I generally never want to have the pleasure of seeing first hand, Beksinski’s work is world renowned for its creep-tastic imagery that stays with you well after you’ve stopped looking. An artist who was very leery of finding meaning or symbolism in his work, Beksinski’s sole influence for his work was classical music – to which he would listen to over and over while completing these dramatic oil paintings. Being entirely self taught, he was very cautious of any public attention and rarely went to his own openings or shows, and was almost never interviewed. And though his work is terrifying, the artist himself was known to be light-hearted, humorous and happy.  In my opinion, the artist’s calm demeanor can be felt through these pieces – though they are admittedly fear invoking the viewer doesn’t necessarily feel any first hand danger (though, I…

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Learning Colemak

I’ve been practicing typing.

Due to the fact I never really mastered touch typing with QWERTY, I decided to finally learn with the newer, better keyboard layout: Colemak. Here is a link to a page where you too can change to Colemak for free. It’s easy with Windows 8. It can’t be much harder with other operating systems.

The web page explains the pros of switching, so I won’t go into that here. I always thought that if you wanted a new keyboard layout you had to get a new keyboard, but it is actually better to keep your old keyboard so you are forced to learn the new layout without looking.

With about a week or two of practice you can switch to a healthier writing life.

Project Deadlines

As you may have heard, if you self-publish, you have to make your own deadlines.

Thanks to a friend of mine who needs something to read on two future flights, I have a deadline for my next two projects. A new draft of Episode One of House of Cabal is due on February 27th and a new draft of Brief Pose is due on March 20th. After that Brief Pose will need another draft, but I’m hoping Episode One of House of Cabal will only need a final polish before it goes to a copy-editor.

To help facilitate this progress, I’m taking a few months off from my day job. During that time I’ll be trying to finishing up quite a few writing projects. Wish me luck.

I’m Working Hard

The-Forgiving-Smash-2I’m working hard on quite a few writing projects. This includes learning a bit more Photoshop. Here is the new cover of The Forgiving. I hope you like it.