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This is the last day to get House of Cabal: Eden for free.

This is the last day to get House of Cabal: Eden for free at Amazon. Also don’t forget to check out Brief Pose, my new book. One of my other books will be on sale for $.99 tomorrow, so check back here for details. Now back to writing.


House of Cabal is free at Amazon.

To celebrate Brief Pose‘s release, my other book House of Cabal: Eden is free at Amazon for a limited time.

Happy reading!

Brief Pose has been added to Smashwords.

For a limited time, Brief Pose will be on Smashwords. This is currently the cheapest place to buy it ($5.99), and it comes in all sorts of formats. Also, you can download a very large sample of the book if you would like.

Here is the link: Brief Pose.

Brief Pose’s Soft Release

After agonizing over the release of Brief Pose this last week, I’ve decided to release it with little to no fanfare. I have some marketing and formatting things to figure out, and it will just be easier to do this with Brief Pose already published.

I plan to have a more official release in the future, but you can buy it now if you would like. Here is a link to Amazon:  Brief Pose.

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me.

Final cover? We’ll see.

After going through an endless amount of stock photos, I decided on a free image I found.

Here it is:


I might still play with the color a bit, but this is the book.

After I finished that one, I decided to do one for the book I’m writing now. It was called Love Ritual, but now I’m going with Try Again.

Here is what I came up with. (I do think I’m getting better.)


My New Romance Project

I’m two-thirds done with the first draft of a new novel!

It’s a queer erotic romance with strange fiction elements. The working title is Love Ritual. It’s a book I wish I could read, so I decided to write it. Follow what inspires you, as they say. This inspires me. It’s fun and escapist, and hopefully sexy.


I needed a light break from Brief Pose‘s themes of depression and insanity. I love Brief Pose, but it took a lot out of me to write.

Queer speculative fiction is often dark and unsettling and angsty. That includes Brief Pose. There is a place for that, but I wanted to write something that was sexual, explicit, and had speculative fiction elements, but wasn’t dark or violent or full of self-loathing.

I wanted to write something full of light.  (Though the final draft may have a few more shadows than I originally planned.)

This book is about falling in love and how sex is part of that process. It’s also about writing and the magic of nature.

I’m hoping Love Ritual is simpler than some of my previous work and won’t take years to write. Now to finish the draft.

Twitter and Branding

I’ve decided to have two Twitter profiles. Will this be helpful? I’m not sure. I feel like I already spend too much time on Twitter, but I need to try something new to reach more readers.


My general account is @WesleyMcCraw (I would love a follow) and my new one is @VampireFiction. @WesleyMcCraw will still be my unfiltered,  everything account. @VampireFiction will be my more horror focused account. It won’t have all my political posts and will be more focused on my darker fiction. All the tweets will be more branded and on message for a horror writer.

I’m not willing to let economics compromise @WesleyMcCraw, but I still need to market my books and short stories somehow. This way I won’t have to edit myself, yet I’ll still have tweets consistent to a brand I’m trying to create.