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Random Advice for Me and You

Okay, you haven’t asked for it, but I’m going to give you some advice. One, because everyone could use some help, and two, it will help me to remember some of these things myself.

First your sleep problem:

Have you looked much into sleep hygiene? Do a Google search if you haven’t. Looking at blue light, like computer screens after sunset can be very bad for sleep. At least cut it out an hour before bed time. Also doing other things in bed besides sleep and sex are not a good idea. I know you know this but sleep is a big deal to your quality of life, so some lifestyle changes are worth the trouble.

Food and shame:

Stop shaming yourself about food, it will only make things worse. Try to find more things you like that are healthy. Add more good food until the bad stuff starts to fade away. Try to improve your happiness, not increase your shame. Repeat: Happiness good, shame bad.

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Everyone has a limited amount of willpower each day. Shame depletes your willpower. Happiness gives you some of that willpower back.

Making decisions also depletes your willpower. Think simple. Make a food plan before you are hungry and tired and your willpower is at its lowest. Eat more fruits and vegetables before you eat the other stuff. Plan what fruits and vegetables you are going to eat that day. Follow the plan instead of using willpower to figure out what you want in the moment. Use that saved willpower for other things you struggle with.

Develop good habits:

A good habit means that the good thing you are doing isn’t taking willpower to do it, you’re just doing it naturally now. Habits are not easy to form though, it usually takes seventy days or more. But it’s worth it. Making daily activities into habits can give you a lot more control over your life, because normally those things would be needlessly eating up your willpower. That is why so many successful artists have such exacting habits, such as having the same breakfast every morning or the same walk or putting on the same outfit to do their art. Why use your energy on deciding on what to eat for breakfast when you can use it to accomplish your dreams.

Anyway, I hope this helps with some of the things you are struggling with. I think it has helped me. I always seem to forget about the willpower thing and use my willpower all up on stupid things like the Internet before I get around to writing.

That’s what I’m going to be doing today, writing. I have about two weeks to finish my draft of Brief Pose. I hope your day goes well.