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Get out of your bubble by seeking out the truth.

I do not live in a bubble. Do you know how? I have a secret.

There are news sources and rebel academics that actually talk about factual reality. I know, I know, crazy. The world isn’t just opinion. And yes, there is bias in everything, but investigative journalism still exists. There are still some intellectuals independent from the capitalistic system. Science is a real thing, and in many ways (though limited) the world is observable and knowable. This includes the social sciences.

I don’t need my social group to reaffirm my reality. Facebook and Twitter are nice for camaraderie, but even though I surround myself with people I agree with and like, the confirmation bubble is always popped because I still have a mainline to the real world.

I have opinions, and they form and they change because I keep encountering facts. I seek out scientists, artists, academics, activists, and journalists with integrity. We don’t need to seek out biased, opposite opinions to balance out our own; we need to keep searching for and paying attention to the truth.


National Novel Writing Month

For National Novel Writing Month  I’m trying to finish writing the queer romance novel I’ve been working on. The plan was to write it as quickly as possible, but that didn’t happen. I’m not sure why I failed, but I’m trying to fix that with #NaNoWriMo2016.

A ton of reading is another goal on my list this month. I was planning on reading 75 books this year and I’m at 48. Even if I finish the ten or so books I’m currently in the middle of, I’ll still be way behind. Time to read some quick picture books or something.

Last year my goal was 50 books and I barely made it, so 48 so far this year isn’t that bad. I can’t believe I only have two months left.

Two amazing books I’ve read already are

Arsène Schrauwen

by Olivier Schrauwen


The Stars My Destination

by Alfred Bester

I hope you have a good month of reading and writing.