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The Year is 2013

Welcome to Self Write in the year 2013.

Let us look back at last year’s goals from my first post back in March of 2012:

“I have a long, hard road ahead of me–if you want to sell more than four books a month, self-publishing is not easy–and it would be nice to have some company on this journey. There are a lot of writers out there (seriously a lot) and there is no need for us to do this alone. I’m going to need help, and I also want to help others if I can.”

This goal of building a community of like-minded writers using this blog was mostly a failure. I don’t think I posted regularly enough. Thank you to the readers I do have though. You are appreciated.

“I have two books I will be finishing this year, House of Cabal Book One (speculative fiction thriller) and The Forgiving (horror).”

Neither is really finished. Most of the progress has been made on The Forgiving. It’s very close at this point.

“First step, ‘finish’ my books. Second step, find beta readers [and incorporate their feedback]. Third step, repeat steps one and two.”

These steps have been more successful. I’ve had five people read The Forgiving. The reactions have been very positive.

“Fourth step, find a good copy-editor. This means I’m going to need to pay someone to edit my book, costing me somewhere between five hundred to a thousand dollars. For me, that’s a lot of cash… and I’ll need it done for two [books].”

I still don’t have the money for this, though I think I can do it for a little less than I thought. I’m breaking up House of Cabal into episodes, which should make the cost a little easier to handle.

“Fifth step, make (or pay for) a kickass book cover. It must look as good as anything on the market.”

I made my own cover for The Forgiving that I like. I can always give it a new cover after it sells for a while. I’ve been painting more to up my skills.

“Sixth step, make sure I have a ‘platform’ and a wealth of book reviews to coincide with my ‘release date.’ This is less of a step and more something I’ll be working on from now until the publication.”

I’m not even close to finishing this step (though I could get some good reviews from my beta readers), which means the next three steps are also a long way away.

“Seventh step, start the actual self-publishing of my first book. Eighth step, keep promoting until the release of my second book. Ninth step, use my new fan base to support a Kickstarter for House of Cabal Book Two.”

I’ve made some progress last year, but still have a long way to go. How was your progress last year? What are your writing plans in 2013?