More Work on Lake Arcadia’s Cover


Brief update: The proof copy of Lake Arcadia came in the mail today. I’m still going through the inside, but the outside looked too dark and muddy, so I worked on making it brighter. I also added some back text. I’m liking it more and more.


Work on Lake Arcadia’s Paperback Edition

The release of my romance novel is fast approaching, even if I don’t have a date locked down yet. I’m currently working on the paperback edition. Here is a preview of the cover layout. I used free to use photography from this website and my limited Photoshop knowledge (mostly experimentation). I like the cover a lot, but I still need to test how it prints out.



With the cover out of the way, at least until I see the proof copy, I’m onto the synopsis I’m using to sell my book. Here is what I have so far.

James Bennet has no time for love or even lust. He has a book to ghostwrite before the end of the month. When his wealthy friends offer him a cabin to stay at in the remote Eagle Cap Wilderness, he can’t resist. Complete isolation in the mountains at Pan’s Lake Arcadia might save his career. But when Hamed, a handsome packer, turns that isolation into a chance at love and passion, will James learn what’s really important before the deadline?


Maybe Lake Arcadia and sex magic can give James one more try at love. Stranger things have happened in the name of the Great God Pan. After all, what’s a little time travel to a hedonistic god?

That’s where I am at right now. If you have any feedback, I still have time to change things. Thanks for following my progress.

My Romance Novel is Finished

I’ve finished writing my first romance novel, Lake Arcadia!

It has strange fiction elements, a pagan cult, and lots of gay sex, so if you find any of that interesting, I think you might love it like I do. It’s currently off with Jane Curry being edited, but I should have it back next week.

A goal for this book is to release a physical edition on Amazon. I know how some of you like a paper book in your hands. With a bit of research and trial and error, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll try to be transparent about this process, for those curious.

I’ll upload the ebook version of Lake Arcadia on Smashwords and Amazon soon-ish, which means I need to write the ad copy. I also need to get copies out to perspective romance readers and bloggers.

That’s just a start, but it’s a lot.

Reading Goals and Book Recommendations Part 2

My reading goal for 2017 was accomplished. I read 125 books. Just barely.

Click here for the first half of 2017, when I read the first 93.

As you may notice, there are a lot less recommendations this time, just because I didn’t read as many great books after August.

Here are three:

Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment by Robert Wright: this book inspired me to start a meditation practice.

Dune (Dune Chronicles, #1) by Frank Herbert: a formidable classic that probably everyone who writes science fiction should read.

Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too by Jomny Sun: a balm for these trying times.

Because this list is so short, here is an amazing bonus book I read this year.

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari: about so much more than just depression and anxiety.

And finally, the worst book I read in 2017:

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein: “hate” is not too strong a word.

Reading Goals and Book Recommendations

My goal this year is to read a lot more books. I barely read 50 books last year, so this year I upped my goal to 125, hoping to read 150. I’m doing well and seem to be on track to blow past my aspirations. So far I’ve read 98 books. I’m tracking everything on Goodreads.

I’m currently writing an erotic romance novel, and next I’m writing a pulp science fiction novel. I felt like I hadn’t read enough of either of those genres to do them justice. As a writer, I wish I’d have read more books throughout my life. All I can do is try to make up for it now.

Some romance highlights have been the Baal’s Heart trilogy, Rattlesnake by Kim Fielding, and Erica’s Choice by Sami Lee. Also two books by T.J. Klune were completely amazing: The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales From Verania, #1) and Wolfsong (Green Creek, #1).

As I finish up my romance novel, I’ll be moving on to reading more science fiction. I’m currently reading Dune. I’ve already read some Octavia E. Butler and Ready Player One (which I liked okay).

Other reading highlights have been some Neil Gaiman books, American Gods and Anansi Boys, and a nonfiction book, Creating Freedom: Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future by Raoul Martinez.

Eventually, I also want to write and draw a graphic novel, so I’m reading a ton of comics too. I can recommend Big Questions by Anders Nilsen and Hey, Wait… by Jason.

So that’s what I’ve been up too. I’ll do another update like this at the end of the year. Thanks for reading.

I’m Writing

On this April Fools’ Day, I will be taking a break from reading social media, but I guess that doesn’t mean I can’t post my own stuff. (No April Fools’ jokes here.)

I feel like I make a lot of plans for the future on this blog (when I actually post), and they don’t always come to pass, so now I’m focusing on the present. Time to report on what I have done and what I’m doing and not what I plan to do one day.

I’m finishing up the first draft of my sex magic romance novel. I’ve also been rewriting the first 40,000 words. My short 60,000 word romance novel looks like it is going to be closer to 80,000 words. I’m not sure how long I’ve been working on this one, but it’s a lot longer than I was planning.

I’m rewriting The Forgiving to release it as a paperback. I have no idea how long this will take, but I’m not going to rush it. I’m not going for any major changes, but there are a few parts I’m not satisfied with and I want improved before the book is in print.

I am in the process of making my books available (for free) once again on Smashwords. The first book back up on the site is Brief Pose.

I’m in the process of learning how to make comics. This includes doing the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook and going through Drawing Words and Writing Pictures. I’ve also written a four page comic for a contest. A novice artist is drawing the art.

I’m reading drastically more books. Most of these are romance novels and Image comic books. Some romance recommendations: Rattlesnake, The Lightning-Struck Heart, and Erica’s Choice. Some comic recommendations: Descender, Vol. 1: Tin Stars and Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine.

I’m in the middle of American Gods.

That’s me right now. I hope I have more to update you on soon.



Just a quick heads up. Brief Pose is free for a very limited time.

Brief Pose is a queer sci-fi novel about an advertising campaign.


I would love some reviews, so pick it up and give it a look.

Here is the link. Enjoy your free book!