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Just a quick heads up. Brief Pose is free for a very limited time.

Brief Pose is a queer sci-fi novel about an advertising campaign.


I would love some reviews, so pick it up and give it a look.

Here is the link. Enjoy your free book!


Brief Pose is #2 in Free LGBT Science Fiction on Amazon.

Thank you, everyone.

Brief Pose has reached the goal I was aiming for: to get in the top three in free LGBT Science Fiction. Not only  is it in the top three, but we hit number two!


It’s a little hard to compete with the complete works of Oscar Wilde, but reaching number two is good enough for me. Thanks for helping me get there. If you still haven’t downloaded a copy of Brief Pose, now is your chance. Download a free copy HERE.

Brief Pose has officially been released.

To mark Brief Pose’s official release today, it’s free on Amazon.

Thank you, everyone that has downloaded it today. It’s #4 in the free LGBT sci-fi category already!

Can you help me get it a little higher?


I’ve worked on Brief Pose for eight years. I’m happy you finally get a chance to read it.

Give it a shot. It’s free only for the next few days. All I ask in return is that once you finish reading it, give it a review and recommend it to your friends.

Here is the link to download it for free from Amazon. You can read it on any device by downloading the free Kindle app.

Thanks again for your support!

House of Cabal is free at Amazon.

To celebrate Brief Pose‘s release, my other book House of Cabal: Eden is free at Amazon for a limited time.

Happy reading!

Brief Pose has been added to Smashwords.

For a limited time, Brief Pose will be on Smashwords. This is currently the cheapest place to buy it ($5.99), and it comes in all sorts of formats. Also, you can download a very large sample of the book if you would like.

Here is the link: Brief Pose.

Brief Pose’s Soft Release

After agonizing over the release of Brief Pose this last week, I’ve decided to release it with little to no fanfare. I have some marketing and formatting things to figure out, and it will just be easier to do this with Brief Pose already published.

I plan to have a more official release in the future, but you can buy it now if you would like. Here is a link to Amazon:  Brief Pose.

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me.

Final cover? We’ll see.

After going through an endless amount of stock photos, I decided on a free image I found.

Here it is:


I might still play with the color a bit, but this is the book.

After I finished that one, I decided to do one for the book I’m writing now. It was called Love Ritual, but now I’m going with Try Again.

Here is what I came up with. (I do think I’m getting better.)