General Update on House of Cabal

Tonight, I’m back to writing after a two-week vacation. It’s time to finish House of Cabal Volume Three: Orchard. This mostly means reading through the whole thing a few times looking for errors, as I’m not hiring an editor for this one. Gulp.


I’m not sure how long this will take, but I’m not rushing it. Still, you can expect a release this year.

I would have never released a book without hiring an editor when I was starting out, but this book is my sixth release, and I think I can manage to edit it myself if I’m diligent. Also, I did have a beta reader look it over, so it won’t just be my eyes on it.

Books are never error-free even with an editor’s help, but I would definitely recommend hiring one. And yes, I would hire one this time if I had the budget, but not quite enough people are reading my House of Cabal series to justify the expense.

Gentle nudge: If you’ve read either of the House of Cabal books, please review them. Volume two only has one review on Amazon. Thanks! Your help means a lot to me.

I’m not expecting to make a big splash with the release of volume three, but I’m playing the long game. I’m still working on ways for more people to discover the series and they will always be a part of my back library.

In other House of Cabal news . . .

I’m not a huge fan of the first paragraph of the first book. It’s definitely overwritten. I might simplify it a bit in the near future. I’ll probably also do a light readthrough polish of all three books before I release a collected edition sometime next year.

Well, I think that’s about it on the House of Cabal front. I’ll try to keep this blog a little more up to date going forward. Happy reading and happy writing.



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