Twitter and Branding

I’ve decided to have two Twitter profiles. Will this be helpful? I’m not sure. I feel like I already spend too much time on Twitter, but I need to try something new to reach more readers.


My general account is @WesleyMcCraw (I would love a follow) and my new one is @VampireFiction. @WesleyMcCraw will still be my unfiltered,  everything account. @VampireFiction will be my more horror focused account. It won’t have all my political posts and will be more focused on my darker fiction. All the tweets will be more branded and on message for a horror writer.

I’m not willing to let economics compromise @WesleyMcCraw, but I still need to market my books and short stories somehow. This way I won’t have to edit myself, yet I’ll still have tweets consistent to a brand I’m trying to create.


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About wesleymccraw

I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

3 responses to “Twitter and Branding”

  1. R.Warwick says :

    I feel your pain: I thought it would be better for me to have a personal account and a branding/marketing account to keep my private and writing life separate. To be honest the real question is: can you manage both? I agree having two can be useful but if you can’t maintain both to the same level is it really worth it?

    • wesleymccraw says :

      Hopefully I’ll figure it out quickly. I don’t want it to take up a lot of time, but it seems unavoidable at this point.

      • R.Warwick says :

        Would you keep us up to date on it? I’m not sure if I should have one under a pen name I’m thinking of adopting. But good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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