Brief Pose Covers

Yesterday, instead of writing, I gave making covers for Brief Pose a try. Here are the fruits of my labour.

Most of the day was just me endlessly searching through stock photos. I wanted this to be my first book with a sexy, modern cover, so I knew I couldn’t just get a free domain picture like my last few books.

Let’s go through the covers one by one. Note that these are just mockups. I don’t own the rights to these pictures yet. If I remember correctly, it’s only ten bucks to purchase one for publications under 500,000 copies. That seems very reasonable.


The upside of this one is that it’s not symmetrical, so it draws the eye. The text is clear. The image is a little boring, and the lack of color could be a problem. It’s sexual, without being overly so. It also works with the theme of the novel. I’m not a huge fan of my name over his stomach.


This cover looks the most like an A&F Quarterly, but I’m not sure how many people would get the reference. Is this cover too sexual? It got the most likes on Twitter. This one is my personal favorite, I think.


Romance? The darkness of the book isn’t really suggested by this image, even though this is pretty much a scene straight from the book. It also feels a bit too much like a random photograph. This might could be improved with a different font.


This one is still kind of rough, and there is too much light blue, but I like how it suggests the surreal aspect of the book. If I played with the image a little more, it might work.

How about this? Better. I’ll have to decide soon.



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I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

4 responses to “Brief Pose Covers”

  1. ljquillyn says :

    I like the 2nd one and the 4th one. I feel like the 2nd one grabs attention really quickly and fits with what I remember reading. I like the surrealism of the 4th one too. It definitely reminds me of a scene from the book, but I think that’s the primary reason that I like it. I’d probably be more likely to pick up the book because of the 2nd cover.

  2. wesleymccraw says :

    Thank you. Number two seems to be the clear winner so far. I’m playing with black and white to see how that looks. I’m still undecided. I might try some other images before it’s all over. Hope you are doing well!!!

  3. amyloris says :

    I’d keep the first image and just slant the text a bit . . . reminded me of a Sedaris cover I really liked.

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