Hillary vs. Trump

I don’t make political posts here, but I’ve realized I don’t have a good reason. It’s time for things to change. Too much is at stake to remain silent.

If you don’t support Hillary, Trump will win. Telling the truth about Hillary will only result in a Republican presidency. This has been the argument when Bernie Sanders first announced, and it is the argument now. It has tricked a lot of people into supporting Hillary, even though they thought Bernie was the better candidate. We can’t succumb to fear tactics anymore.

Saying you will back Hillary Clinton no matter what isn’t the best way to get her to represent our interests, especially at this point in the processes. All Hillary has to do is represent us, and she will get our votes. No Democrat wants Trump to win. Is that too much to ask from an elected official? She must earn our vote.

“You can increase Fracking and climate change; we’ll vote for you no matter how much you want to doom the planet. You have corporate interests to satisfy!” That’s our battle cry? We have to be better than that.

The DNC has selected one of the least liked Democrats to be our only choice for president. Is it the people’s fault if Trump gets elected when the DNC actively usurps the will of the people?

We are not endorsing Trump by stating Hillary’s record; we are just willing to take an honest look at reality.

Settling for the lesser of two evils has already brought us to the edge of an unlivable planet and nuclear annihilation. Hillary has shown little to no interest in keeping us from falling off that edge. Bernie must be president, or we must force Hillary to be far more like Bernie (meaning dealing with legalized corruption in government). At this point, those two desperate options seem to be our only chance at survival. And they are only first steps.


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