Day 9 of 9: One Day to Finish the Draft

Self-imposed deadlines are the name of the game for a self-publishing indie author.

Deadlines are powerful and very weird things, especially when you get to choose them yourself. Sometimes the date is chosen for no other reason than things have to get done at some point and why not then. For House of Cabal Vol. 2 that hard deadline where everything has to be finished is at the end of the month, that way I have March to have it copy edited and released to the reading public.

To have it ready by that date, I knew I needed a strong new draft to be finished early in the month.Mythology-Medieval-Blackangel

I gave myself nine days to rewrite the nine chapters of the book. I had a bit of a head start and the first chapter was already in pretty good shape, so it was more like seven and a half chapters, but for a 45,000 to 50,000-word book, that’s a lot to rewrite in such a short time.

If I had only given myself the end-of-the-month deadline, it would have been too easy to procrastinate. Giving myself a closer deadline, forced me to accomplish more in less time.

After today, I can reassess, and figure out what new deadlines I should make between now and March.

Current draft status: The first seven chapters are mostly finished. I’m still working on chapter eight and haven’t touched chapter nine. I have a lot to do, but it feels completely doable. It won’t be a final draft, but I’ll be in good shape to finish up House of Cabal Volume Two: Estate by the end of the month, as planned.


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