Day 8 of 9: Through the Cave

Super Bowl Sunday I stayed mostly at my desk all day. For quite a few hours I wasted time on Twitter. I finally got to writing around the time of the halftime show. I accomplished quite a bit the rest of the day, probably eight hours of writing out of the fourteen I was trying to write, but my confidence in my book is wavering.

This dark moment of the soul, when you think the feat is impossible because you seemed to have tried everything, is a natural stage when you are getting close to accomplishing a tough goal.

Art-Illustration-Magic-Mushrooms1You put a lot of work into a section and it just doesn’t work and you fear it never will. Sometimes it needs to be cut or rearrange, but if you have done all the work, and you’ve fixed all the big problems, the writing still might be in a form that seems awful to you.

This is usually right before it gets good.

When you are in that dark cave, you have to keep going.

It’s an odd thing that happens, reaching the light. I’ll work on a chapter and work on it, and it will spring to life unexpectedly. I can often feel the shift like it’s a bit of magic.

This has not yet happened with the problem section, a talky bit around chapter seven.  But I have faith. I’ll get through the dark cave and reach the other side if I keep at it. It’s just the nature of the work.

Current draft status: The first six chapters are mostly finished. I’m still working on the hard copy of eight and nine. I’ll try my hardest to finish the draft on day nine, Tuesday, but I worry I still have too much left to do.


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