Day 7 of 9: Add Some Red

I print out my work when I’m feeling stuck, which happens when I can’t see something with fresh eyes anymore.

I take a red pen to the warm, freshly printed copy, and I add what I think the chapter needs. I cut things too and make corrections and draw long arrows to move stuff around, but Design-Book-cover-Fairy-Crimsonmostly I add dialogue and description to the places that feel a little thin. I make these additions without restraint or too much thought. If the pages don’t seem to have enough red, I might take a second read through. I’m not perfecting the piece with these additions, I just need more words to play with, more clay to mold.

After the thin places are filled with red, I listen to some music while adding all the red onto the computer copy. It takes some time. Some of my notes say things like “Fix!” with a paragraph circled or “Add More Here” with an arrow.

When I read it again with all the red added, the work feels fresh again and I can keep editing on the computer and rework it until it sings, or until it feels dead and I have to print it out again.

Current draft status: The first five chapters are mostly finished. I printed out chapters six through nine and I’m still working on the hard copy.

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I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

2 responses to “Day 7 of 9: Add Some Red”

  1. LionAroundWriting says :

    Same process for me. In fact tomorrow is print day for numerous projects so i can edit a manudcript and short stories. Seeing it on paper gives me a fresh perspective.

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