Using the Self to Write

What does “Self Write” mean? Self Write simply means to use the self to write. While the idea is simple, there is nothing simple about the self. The self is a wellspring of creativity and insight, but it can often get obscured when you try to write something down.

You can often get locked into writing what you think other people would say. Don’t you want to sound like your favorite author? Or worse, your mind will just volunteer what you’ve heard before. Or you can be inhibited by all the things you were advised not to say. Some of this advice is useful. Most is nonsense.

The self is made up of all those ideas you’ve come into contact with over time, so it makes sense these creativity blocks would happen when you try to write something new, but you are also more than those things. You are a synthesis.

The self is more than a repetition of other selves. The self is a response, a sometimes subtle evolution of countless ideas and thoughts that helped inform your perspective. Just as you are a response to the world around you, when you Self Write, what you write contributes to an ongoing conversation.

Being yourself is the only way to synthesize information and create something new. Only this way can you be an evolution of what came before. That is what it means to Self Write.


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I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

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