The West vs The Middle East (Peace for Paris)

Mistreating large sections of the world’s poorest and most impoverished people is the main fuel of Islamic terrorism. Want to reduce terrorism? Value human life. Work as a planet to raise everyone’s standard of living through health, education, and renewable energy. Stop terrorizing civilian populations with an endless drone war. The rhetoric of Christians vs Muslims, The West vs The Middle East is only empowering conservative-extremist elements on both sides.


When people feel safe from outside threats, conservatism loses its grip and social progress happens. People recognize the oppression coming from within their own group and want it to change. Much of the Middle East has remained conservative and fundamentalist because of constant threats from the outside. It’s hard to question authority when you are banding together against an enemy that wants to kill you and destroy your culture.

We, as a nation, should understand this instinct. We slipped into blind patriotism after the 9/11 attacks. Conservatives took advantage, stripping our rights and going to war. Terror and fear are used to manipulate, but I would like to think we are growing wise. When people were quick to blame Syrian refuges for the attacks in Paris, others rose up to protect the refugee camps from harm.

The world needs a liberal revolution to fight economic inequality and climate change a lot more than another skirmish with a relatively powerless fringe group, especially when those skirmishes kill civilians and create more radicals that hate The West. This all seems obvious, but the US still sees violence as a great way to solve problems, whether it be more guns to stop mass shooting or bombs overseas to stop terrorism.


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