Movie Recommendations for Halloween (including ones on Netflix)

Halloween is almost upon us, so I thought I would make some horror movie recommendations. If I could only recommend one movie to watch this Halloween, it would be The Cabin in the Woods.

citwTeaser (800x592)

It has all the fun and monsters you could ever ask for this Halloween  and isn’t too scary for the viewer that isn’t a horror aficionado like I am.

If you would like to watch something in the theater, try the Gothic romance, Crimson Peak. Just look! It is a beautiful film.

screen_shot_2015-10-12_at_10.28.36_pm (2)

If you want something scarier, try The Descent. If you are a gore hound and haven’t seen Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead) this is the year to fix that.

If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix these aren’t bad choices.


Also Re-Animator and The Host are cool picks as well.

As for Amazon Prime, I believe it has The Mist. You may have to check on that one.

Enough about the past; how about the future?

Here are the horror movies I want to see, but haven’t yet: We Are Still Here, Goodnight Mommy, The Final Girls, The Witch.  And here is the horror movie I don’t want to see: Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Have a scary Halloween!


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