H. P. Lovecraft’s Family Bible Update

As I promised, here is what I have found about the H. P. Lovecraft’s Family Bible. It seems that the bible is the real deal. H. P. Lovecraft even talks about it in one of his letters. The dates and the names line up. Thanks to the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society page on facebook for doing most of the research and making sure it wasn’t some fake that I had stumbled upon.


I talked to my Grandma, Geneva McCraw, and she says that her mother Alice (Pruitt) Busby likely bought it when Geneva was a child, but Geneva isn’t at all sure. When Alice Busby died it was passed to Jesse Elmer Busby, Geneva’s oldest brother. When he died, my mother was given the bible.

The Pruitt, Busby, and McCraw family lines do not connect with Lovecraft in any way that I can tell.

This doesn’t really clear up much. I know a bit more about how it passed through my family, but not really how Alice Busby got it in the first place. I know they lived in Oklahoma in the 1920s and later moved through the Southwest. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious place the Bible could have been to come into contact with my family line. It’s likely I’ll never know.

Here is a link to the original post: Bible.


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