H. P. Lovecraft’s Family Bible

Now that my six-day fast has ended, I have a cold. It’s not the rejuvenation I was hoping for, but I still feel like I’m ready to start again on some of my goals.

As promised here is what happened to me recently regarding H. P. Lovecraft.


I was looking through a huge, creepy, family bible that had been passed down to my mother a few years ago, when I found a page that recorded the marriage of Winfield Scott Lovecraft and Sarah Susan Lovecraft.


Then on the births page I saw that Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s name was listed.

I thought there was no way! That H. P. Lovecraft? This couldn’t be the Lovecraft’s family Bible.

With a little more searching, I found writing near the front.


On March 22nd, 1889, it was given to Miss S. Susie Phillips from her mother. Susie is the wife of Winfield Scott Lovecraft and the mother of H. P. Lovecraft. The dates all lined up. The Bible was published in 1888 and was likely bought as a wedding gift for the Lovecrafts. In it there is a record of Susie and Winfield’s marriage and the identity of the two witnesses.

Then I thought, “I might be directly related to H. P. Lovecraft. That is crazy.”

With a little research I found that the Lovecrafts only had one son and he had no children. So unless he had a child out of wedlock, it can’t be as direct as I though it might be. I researched his family tree and my family tree, but so far I haven’t found a connection. I still need to figure out how the Bible got passed down to us.

My grandmother might know some of the answers, but she has always been strangely quite about one side of her family tree. I’ll keep you updated on what I find out.


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19 responses to “H. P. Lovecraft’s Family Bible”

  1. David Haden says :

    Wow, please keep it safe! It’s probably worth at least five figures in $s if authenticated as genuine 🙂 Even his postcards sell for $700.

    • wesleymccraw says :

      Do you have any idea how I find out something like that?

      • David Haden says :

        Well, if you join the S. T. Enthusiasts group over on Facebook, I’m sure they could rustle up a rough estimate for you. Joshi is the leading Lovecraft scholar. L.W. Currey at http://www.lwcurrey.com is the U.S. book dealer who sells most valuable Lovecraft material such as letters, and I’m sure they would also be able to give you an estimate – though it may be on the unrealistically high side in order to tempt you to place the book with them.

      • wesleymccraw says :

        Thanks. I’ll look into it and report back.

      • David Haden says :

        Super, and I’m sure the S. T. Joshi Enthusiasts group would love to interview you on the group and try to find out how it got from the Lovecraft family to yours. Annie Gamwell of Providence, Lovecraft’s aunt, likely had the book after Lovecraft died. I guess tracing how the book got to you might also help track down where other items from her library might now be located.

      • wesleymccraw says :

        I’ll ask my grandma how she ended up with it. And get back to you.

  2. David Haden says :

    Sorry, meant to type “S. T. Joshi Enthusiasts”.

  3. David Haden says :

    Super. More info from the Joshi group… on Annie Gamwell’s death the book would have likely gone… “to Edna Lewis or Ethel Phillips Morrish” according to a very knowledgeable Lovecraft scholar.

    • wesleymccraw says :

      I’ll ask my grandma about both of those people. Her name is Geneva McCraw. Her parents were Alice Pruitt and James Busby. I don’t see any obvious connections.

  4. Mike Davis, Lovecraft eZine says :

    Please keep us posted! And let me know if I can help.

  5. Hrafnsmerki says :

    Roby Alzada Place died in 1886, she could not give her daughter a bible in 1889.

  6. The Crawling Chaos says :

    That is freakin’ awesome!


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