During My 6-Day Water Fast

I took a week off writing to do a six-day water fast. Yes, that means consuming nothing but water for six days. I’m writing this as I approach day six.

I was feeling burnt out even though I wasn’t getting all that much done; I think that was what was burning me out. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and my goals all feel so far off. This caused one of those dark moments where I never wanted to write again. I get those from time to time. This fast has helped me to think a bit and reboot.

But mostly it gave me time to watch TV and research nutrition.

I plan on overhauling my diet when I can finally eat. I read, or skimmed, Eat to Live and will be using much of its advice.

As for TV, I watched the first two seasons of Hannibal. The show was created by Bryan Fuller who I have loved for quite a while. I was thrilled that Hannibal connected briefly to his Wonderfalls (a must see 2004 comedy series), much like Pushing Daises did. The second season of Hannibal was a marked improvement over the first, with a killer final. The show has definitely grown on me. If you like surreal horror, I would give it a shot.

I also saw two horror movies. Oculus was interesting, but not all that successful at inducing fear. Still, it was much better than average. Then there was The Purge, which was suspenseful, but had its dumb moments too. Some bland characters didn’t really help either. The idea for the movie ends up being better than the movie itself. Both get a solid B from me.

That wraps up most of the things happening to me. Next time I’ll talk about how I might be related to H. P. Lovecraft and how I have his family Bible from the 1800s.


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