Year End Writing Update

Vampire-FictionMy next release, an erotic short with a brain, “Vampire Fiction,” is on its final draft of editing. (I didn’t exactly hit my Halloween deadline.) Writing can often feel like treading water, but I’m finally growing as a writer, and this short proved it to me.

It became something more than erotica in the end. It’s sexy and edgy and a bit dangerous, but it also retains vulnerability.

Vulnerability is a quality I will continue to foster in my writing. I want to put it all on the line, for my characters and for me.

My other focus, House of Cabal: Episode One, is currently in the rewrite stages.

House of Cabal, the multi-part epic, has been a labor of love for me for the past thirteen years. That’s right, thirteen years. Each time I think I have it cracked, I have to rethink things. My current plan is dividing it into episodes.

writeCoincidentally I also started reading Write. Puplish. Repeat. by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt, which advocates episodic releases. I’ll blog more about this once I finish reading their book, but the idea seems to be releasing a lot of books and using each book to sell the others.

While that may make sense from a business perspective, I’m choosing to cut up my novel for purely creative reasons. I divided the first House of Cabal novel into four smaller sections, a little over a hundred pages a piece, so I could strengthen the narrative structure of each section. The novel was feeling unfocused and limp. Focusing on smaller narrative arcs seems to be fixing these issues.

DaringI’m rereading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown to help strengthen the themes of the first episode. I’m also using some of the lessons I’ve learned from writing “Vampire Fiction” to help with narrative flow. I’m using this new discoveries to save House of Cabal from the fire.

I know rewriting old work is not always a good idea. Move on and just start something new. Your old work is just dragging you down. But old work can also be the scraps to create art. The limitations of unevolved stories can be inspiring.

I have many other projects on the back burner, but these are the two projects I’m focused on as we move into the New Year.

Happy holidays to all my readers, and happy writing.


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