Old Computer -> New Computer

As the year rolls to a close, I’d like to get everything organized in my life. I want to hit the ground running this coming New Years, so December is my chance to get everything in place.

As a first step I replaced my dying laptop with a new touchscreen one running Windows 8 (thank you Black Friday lightning deal). Windows 8 takes a bit of Youtube explanation, but I think I’m liking it now. It seems like a major improvement.

There are a lot of things I need to move from my old computer, and I want to keep the new computer organized. This is a chance to remove the clutter in my digital life. I want to take my time and do it right.

phooky 2006

phooky 2006

My last computer ended up a mess with more than one copy of Windows 7 installed and only one copy partially working, with all the old files and versions mixing together. It was (and is) a nightmare, but now I can transfer over the files I need without worry too much I’ll lose everything if I don’t do it fast enough.

Only buying a new computer after your hard drive has started to crash can be traumatic. I still need to figure out cloud computing so I don’t have to worry so much about losing my work and play. I’m a little out of date when it comes to technology, but I hope to remedy this.

Bring on the new tools and let’s create some art!

Speaking of art. I am now drawing daily and learning guitar. I hope to draw the covers to all the episodes of House of Cabal, but we’ll see how I progress.

I’ll write more about my quest to organize my life in future updates.


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3 responses to “Old Computer -> New Computer”

  1. Steve says :

    I have 3 weeks off over the holidays so I’m hoping to do something similar. Organise photos, tidy up music and just generally stay in my pj’s in front of computer. I can’t wait haha

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