New Cover


I just wanted to post a small update about my new book cover.

Mainly I made the text more dimensional, trimmed the front image, and added a new quote from a review. I also added a bit more red. It is a horror novel after all.

I like it, but what do you think? Is it better or worse?


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About wesleymccraw

I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

2 responses to “New Cover”

  1. kikitoso says :

    Hey! I think the cover is pretty interesting, specially the image. But here is my take:

    If the image could be drawn more outwards (meaning that the drawing is bigger because of the content not the size) and you would make it that the whole cover is the drawing (no red margin). Then make the text be red so it stands out from the mostly white and black drawing, it would be really cool 🙂

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