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Almost a year and a half ago, I started to focus on strengthening my “media platform.” That included this blog and my twitter feed. I wrote:

With the rise of the internet and our virtual lives, an established platform is a must for any writer, even those going through the channels of traditional publishing. Readers want to connect, and connected reads buy books and spread the word. A writer is nothing without excited fans and followers.

So how is my media platform creation going? Let us check in.

Jamal Afzal

Jamal Afzal 2007

Views to my blog haven’t really gone up since the first few months, despite the fact I now have a book available. Currently about twenty people a week visit my blog. I have more than a thousand people following me on twitter, but only a few respond to anything I tweet. This leads me to believe that maybe about twenty people pay attention to my twitter posts, if that. Not great.

After posting a code on this blog to download a free copy of my new horror novel, only two people used the code.

So where have I gone wrong? I have a few ideas.

My brand is an undefined mess. Most of my readers have very little clue as to what kind of writer I am. I also haven’t identified my audience. Horror or thriller readers? Joss Whedon fans? Clive Barker fans? White gay guys? Anyone and everyone is not a target audience.

My posts are too sporadic. I post whenever I feel like it and with no respect for any predictable schedule.

Many of my posts are self-indulgent and not all that helpful to my readers. Are my blog posts my random thoughts, self-help for self-publishers, or thinly veiled advertisements for my book?

I’m tempted to start from scratch. My blog has fifty followers. Not bad, but how many of those people are even reading my posts, and more importantly, finding my posts worthy of their time?

It’s time to try a new strategy.


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