The Proof is in the Proof

After a week of computer breakdown stress, I’m back on track to finish up The Forgiving. Brenda sent me my proofed book back in an email as a corrected word document with all the changes tracked. She pointed out that I needed to fix one real issue concerning the treatment of a shoulder injury, which I did today without much problem. A little more tender loving care and the final draft will be finished!

Here is some of what she had to say in her email:

I’ve attached the proofread to this email… To be completely honest, this has been one of the best (and more effective) books that I have read this year, and the story mechanics and language are by and large efficient and effective at conveying the story that I think that you’re trying to tell. I was very impressed by your work here.

I also have to say that you did a good job being creepy. 🙂 There were a couple of times where I was like: okay, I need to go look at something concrete and normal so I can focus on the language again, which I always think is a mark of a good book. This is a polished, effective manuscript, and I think it will be successful among fans of the genre…

Thanks again for the opportunity to share some feedback with you; I enjoyed this project very much, and I hope the rest of your editorial process goes smoothly!


It was nice hearing such a positive response from an editor. I’ve worked hard getting The Forgiving into shape. Editing can have low points, but this is not one of them.


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