Dictating Drama

I suck at typing, so, instead of learning how to type, I’ve decided to try one of those speech recognition software programs. It’s actually working out pretty well. The program is Dragon something or other. I’m using it to type this. Because it’s so much faster, maybe I’ll be able to do more blog posts. We’ll see.

Today I worked on House of Cabal, my speculative fiction novel. A friend of mine just read it through and there are still some problems I need to address. So, I’ve been looking through some books on writing I checked out of the library. None of them seem to be much help. Maybe it’s because I’ve read so many books on writing or maybe it’s because I’ve been writing for a while, but they all seem to say the same obvious advice.

But there’s this other book I’ve been reading called Daring Greatly by Brené Brown that has actually been useful. It’s sort of a self-help book on vulnerability and courage.  It clarified some things in my head about the main characters dilemmas and now I can clarify it in the novel.

Early in the book the main character fights with his girlfriend. The original argument didn’t accomplish much except demonstrate that the girlfriend was a bitch, but now hopefully it’s more of a turning point for the plot. It also now illustrates the main character’s problems with conventional masculinity more clearly. It feels like a huge improvement mainly because now emotion fuels the catalyst that kicks everything into motion instead of just the arrival of the mysterious note.

Long story short, sometimes it’s better to think about writing people instead of writing books. We aren’t writing plot points, we are writing drama.


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