Ideas on Flow (imagination)

Part 3

From Part 2: “What if our goal was to imagine deeper, to find more meaning and enjoyment out of our writing, to create fiction with more confidence and vigor?”

Let us look at the first goal: Imagine deeper. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Before imagining something new, try to imagine something remembered. Once you know what it’s like to imagine something real (memory and imagination aren’t really all that different) you can know what fiction should feel like; only in fiction, you imagine it from someone else’s perspective.

Okay. First live in the memory a bit. Look around as if you were really there. Take some notes on what you see and feel and smell. Only once the moment and place is vivid in your head should you start on a story, writing down memory and creating that Flow experience. Practice will make this all easier.

Wait a week before looking to see if what you wrote is any good.

Lynda Berry covers some of these ideas in her book What It Is. She explores how memory is connected to nouns; really anything in the world can trigger memories and the imagination, but you have to practice seeing the location that the imagination creates, really look around as if you were really there.

That’s one way to get the gears turning. Flow is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and its byproduct is productivity.

Remember, it is important that your goals fit your current skill level. Try learning how to remember before starting on that memoir. Try seeing your own perspective, really knowing what that feels like, before imagining someone else’s.

Think of writing as gears on a bike. If the gear is too high, it will be too hard to peddle and you’ll waste all your energy. If the gear is too low, peddling will be useless. The sweet spot will take you far, but the real goal is the riding of the bike.

Enough babbling for the day, get to writing.


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