About My Other Books: House of Cabal

The Forgiving isn’t my only book in the pipeline. Here is a my pitch for House of Cabal. (Don’t you love writing pitches? Ugh.)

If you knew how to stay young forever, would you share that knowledge with the world, or would you keep it a secret?

House of Cabal is an epic that centers on a secret society that has discovered the means to never-ending vitality.

Episode One begins fifteen years after the fall of the House of Cabal estate, when a bestselling biographer interviews Everett Grimes, one of the few survivors of the estate’s collapse. Without permission, the biographer is put under hypnotic regression and relives Everett’s experiences. Meanwhile, two other survivors abduct Meredith, the biographer’s wife, to take control of the biography and the world-changing information contained within.

In Episode Two, Meredith must escape her captors to save herself and her husband, while unraveling the House of Cabal’s mysteries.

Equal parts thriller, human drama, and speculative fiction, House of Cabal explores the themes of identity and mortality while demonstrating how far people will go when they believe their cause is just.

Well, that’s the pitch. Any thoughts?


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About wesleymccraw

I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon. https://selfwrite.wordpress.com/

2 responses to “About My Other Books: House of Cabal”

  1. Wes says :

    Interesting…is it a book or a series of books?

    • wesleymccraw says :

      House of Cabal will be a series of books, released digitally for a dollar each, that I will publish after The Forgiving, my stand alone horror novel.

      Each House of Cabal episode should be over 50,000 words. So they’ll be short, but not that short, and they won’t be meant to stand alone; that’s why I’m calling them episodes.

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