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Here is the mock-up of my cover for The Forgiving. I have awhile to figure out a cover (still need to finish the book), but I felt like giving it a shot.

Book covers can be a huge factor in how many books you sell. If I had all the money in the world, this probably wouldn’t be my cover, but all things considered, I actually really like this. It doesn’t feel amateur to me, which is my main goal for my first book.

It doesn’t depict the literal plot, but exemplifies the theme. It’s also a strong image, if not a bit overly complex. If I get a great review quote, I might run it along the bottom.

I got the image from

Give the image a click to see it full size.

Do you guys have any thoughts?


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About wesleymccraw

I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

4 responses to “Book Cover”

  1. drawfromlife says :

    Did you create this image? Is it for your own book? I’m an artist who does a lot of different things, so if you want me to give it a critique I’d be happy for the practice.

    • wesleymccraw says :

      I just added the title. The image is in public domain, from a book written in 1903. It’s for my own book that I’m still writing. Any thoughts are welcome.

      • lydia says :

        I like the woodcut image for a book cover since it evokes a likely charming novel beneath, however, it may be a good idea to create your own image using that picture as inspiration in order to craft it more personally to your writing. Is your basic idea for the book based in religious or medieval times? It seems to be suggested at first glance given the image. It’s intriguing.

      • wesleymccraw says :

        In The Forgiving, there is a book of gruesome woodcut images depicting human sacrifice for “Christian” reasons. The gruesome woodcuts are at the center of the plot. The picture also fits the theme of the novel very closely. I’m glad you find it intriguing.

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