Growing Twitter

Self Write is about writing and indie publishing. My first step of gaining twitter followers and starting a blog has been a success. Almost 500 twitter followers already. Now the question is, what should I blog about and what will my tweets be. The pressure is growing with each follower.

A few things I’ve learned about Twitter:

Tweeting is a small form of writing and self-publishing. The tweet button is the publish button.

Stay me in each tweet and stay genuine.

At the same time, stay branded. In some ways, I am the product. I can say whatever I want, but what I really want is for people to remember me, taste my writing, and want more when my book is finally released.

Tweeting about writing progress is a good idea, even though at first it seemed like that would get redundant. Writing a novel is a narrative to follow, and it is the narrative of my life.

Tweets go by quickly, so I can do quite a few without becoming irritating, as long as my tweets aren’t repeats or links.

A little depth and a little humor go a long way on a service that has an endless amount of the mundane.

Anything that is branded, or is part of my theme, can be a tweet. That means anything that fits with the tone of my novel gets a pass.

I will still be experimenting with my tweets to find my voice and express myself. Tweeting is a writing outlet where I have my first real audience. I want to honor that by giving my readers something to invest in and something to root for.


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About wesleymccraw

I’m a speculative fiction writer. My first book is The Forgiving. You can buy it at Amazon.

3 responses to “Growing Twitter”

  1. nenskei says :

    I love tweeting .. nonsense to important issues !!

  2. Novel Girl says :

    I was one of the people who judged the merit of Twitter before I signed up. Now that I have, I’m thankful I pulled my finger out of my ___. Lol. I love that I am growing my followers and connecting with other writers, and the like.

    It can be annoying that people tweet pointless stuff but overall it’s a great way to learn things I have never thought of and great to connect!

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