The Cabin in the Woods


As you may have noticed if you follow my twitter feed, I’m looking forward to The Cabin in the Woods, a subversive horror movie coming out this weekend.

Few things are better than a good horror movie, and I love Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible) and his co-writer for the movie, Drew Goddard (Coverfield), so I will be seeing The Cabin in the Woods as soon as possible.

While presently I’m working on two novels, I’ve also written a few screenplays over the past few years. I’ve placed in some screenwriting contests, which is heartening, yet I still don’t feel skilled enough to break into Hollywood. I haven’t given up on screenwriting, but I am taking a break. Maybe selling some books will open some doors, and if not, it will still help me perfect my craft. Either way: win-win. I know writing screenplays has made me a better novelist, so back and forth I go.

I’m sure you have your own writing goals and your own heroes that drive you forward and inspire you. Joss Whedon inspires me to become a better storyteller. He is my competition. Someday he will be inspired by something I create.

I can dream, right?

See The Cabin in the Woods this weekend. And then come back here to talk about it. Hate it or love it, my guess: it will make you look at horror in a new way. Horror has had its issues, and The Cabin in the Woods just might work some of those issues out. I hope it makes me look at my own horror novel with new eyes, or at the very least gives me a fun night out at the movies.


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